Wednesday, 24 July 2013


This is my very first post (finally) and i thought i would start off with my favorite body and skin care brand! Soap and glory have a wide range of products. From Bath and body, skin care and cosmetics! There is also a range of different scents. Original Pink, Mist You Madly, Frutigo and Sugar Crush. My favorite scent, Sugar Crush, is a brilliant 'summer time fresh scent'. Having a 'sweet lime fragrance' makes it perfect for use during the summer time. As here in the UK we have coming to the end of a exceptionally long heatwave (Last we will have for a VERY long time) i have been using these two products lots! I'll start with the Body buttercream..

Product information (Body Buttercream)

300ml 'Moisture-Extreme Re-energizing Body buttercream' With 'Shea&Cocoa nut balm', 'lime and almond oils' and 'kiwi juice water', This product is intended for use after a bath or shower on lightly damp skin. The retail price i brought this for was for was £10.50 in Boots. 

This body cream is could enough to eat! (not advised) Its great if you want something that's quick to use and will absorb easily into the skin. As you can see i an using up this product quite quickly (Sorry about the poor camera quality), but there is till plenty of product left and i have had this for about 3-2 months. Even though this is a fairly expensive product in comparison to other body moisturizers, its long lasting, moisturizing and smells great! The best way i could think of describing the fragrance of this product, is that it reminds me of fruit flavored ice cream, but nicer!

Product information (Body wash)

 500ml 'Fresh and Foamy Body Wash'  With Lime oil, coolcapsule x (Does anyone even know what that is?), Kiwi Juice water and skin softening omega-rich veggie oil, This product is an all over body wash that is advised to be followed by a 'similarly scented body lotion or butter'. The retail price i brought this for was £6.50 in Boots.

This Body wash is also good enough to eat! (However still not advised) With a zesty fragrance the same as the Sugar Crush Body Butter cream, its also a perfect summertime beauty must have. As it is very foamy, a little will go a long way. Meaning the product last for a long period of time. To maintain the scent after you come out of a bath or shower, it is suggested that you should use a body cream to boost  the limey scent.

Overall, these are two great products that i defiantly think you should buy! With a fruity, zesty scent, its perfect for use at this time of year! Soap and Glory products and widely available in Boots stores across the UK and i am aware they do sell in the US.  If you are interested and want to take a look and find out more information of Soap and Glory products, then take a look at their website Soap and Glory or Boots

Have a great Summer! (While it lasts)